I'm not taking orders at the moment. I haven't decided if or when I'll start taking more orders.

This is the home page of my store. I sell a variety of things here, primarily premodded video game consoles, parts related to video game console modding and repair, and modding and repair services.

Along with this store I also have an eBay store named williamquade. eBay removed most of my console modding related listings and I haven't posted them back up again.

Note that this store is still a work in progress, so products are still being added.

If there is any mod you are interested in that isn't listed below just contact me (see the social networks page), I may have experience with the mod and would be able to create a custom order for you. Common things include recapping consoles, installing modchips, and doing video output mods.

Store categories

These are all items I regularly stock. Not all of the products are set up in my online store, so if you want one of the products that doesn't have a link let me know and I'll add it for you.

Other items for sale

These are all items that I have limited quantities of. Products are added and removed over time as things sell. Prices can sometimes be negotiable so let me know if you don't think my pricing is reasonable and we might be able to work something out.