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This is a new Matrix PIC fix for the PlayStation 2. It was designed specifically to prevent laser burnout issues that are common in V12 PS2 slim consoles (SCPH-70012 in the United States).

I use genuine Microchip PIC chips purchased from suppliers like Digikey or Mouser. Each chip is programmed and tested before being shipped.


The Matrix PIC fix works by monitoring the communication between the laser mechanics controller and the DVD controller. When it detects a crash it will turn off the console to prevent any damage.

This isn't a guaranteed fix, and having a system shut off while playing a game isn't great, but it's definitely the safest option for the V12 systems.

It's very easy to install, it only requires four wires to be soldered to the PlayStation 2.


These chips were designed for the V12 PlayStation 2 slim boards. The laser burnout issue was fixed in later board revisions, so this fix isn't needed for those. The chips may also work with V9 and V10 boards (that also have laser burnout issues), but that's not something I've looked into very much.


A diagram for installing the Matrix PIC fix into a V12 PS2 can be found on my V12 Modbo modchip installation guide.

I put together a comprehensive guide covering how to install MM3 modchips into every board revision of the PlayStation 1. The guide covers how to identify which board revision you have, and how to solder the chip into your board.

The guide is available on my website. Here’s a subset of that guide explaining which board revision applies to each console model, along with links to the diagrams for each board revision.


There are one configuration option when ordering a chip.

  • Form factor: which chip form factor you'd like.
    1. DIP chip (a larger DIP package chip programmed with the code, along with a 1.5k-ohm resistor)
    2. SOIC breakout board (a smaller SOIC package chip programmed with the code, soldered to a small breakout board that contains a bypass capacitor, along with a 1.5k-ohm resistor)


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Support & Returns

If you have any questions feel free to contact me. I’ll help you troubleshoot any problems you may have.

If you happen to receive a defective chip and you can’t get it working even after I help you then I can either send you a replacement chip, or send you a refund.