PlayStation 1 XStation installation service

I'm not taking orders at the moment. I haven't decided if or when I'll start taking more orders.

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This is a send in XStation installation service for the PlayStation 1. You send me your console along with a XStation installation kit, and then I install the XStation into it and send it back to you.

Service steps

Here's how the installation service works:

  1. You place an order and ship your console and XStation kit (just the console and XStation kit, no need to ship any cables or controllers) to an address I provide you in an email (you pay for the shipping to me).
  2. Once I receive the console I'll test it, and then install and test the XStation within 10 business days (Monday-Friday).
  3. Once I have installed the XStation I'll ship the console back to you through USPS Priority Mail within one business day (Monday-Friday).

Please only send working consoles. If you send a console that doesn't work I'll return it to you unmodified.

This service does not include the XStation unit itself, you must provide a XStation with your system when you ship it to me.

XStation features

  • Compatible with PS1 systems from the SCPH-1001 through the SCPH-5501. Some early SCPH-7001 models are compatible if they have a PU-18 board (check before buying).
  • Load and play all PS1 games from a SD card.
  • Support for multi-disc games.


At the moment the XStation console compatibility is limited to earlier models.

Only PU-7, PU-8, and PU-18 boards are compatible. These can be found in all models from the SCPH-1000's through the SCPH-5500's, and some SCPH-7000's (SCPH-7000's only work if they contain the PU-18 board).


I accept payments through PayPal, which lets you pay with your PayPal balance, bank account, or credit card.

Payments are also accepted through Shopify payments which is done through Stripe. Various payment methods are available through Shopify payments including credit cards and Google/Apple Pay.


Once I receive your console I'll install the XStation within 10 business days (Monday-Friday), and then ship it back to you within one business day (Monday-Friday) of completion.

Support & Returns

If you have any questions feel free to contact me. I’ll help you troubleshoot any problems you may have.

If you happen to receive a defective installation and you can’t get it working even after I help you, then I can send you a refund.