July 24, 2017
Adding an HDMI port to the PS2 fat

In March I added an HDMI port to my original Xbox. This is a similar post covering the process of adding an HDMI port to the PS2 fat. The PS2 has a multi AV output port which supports composite, component, RGB SCART, S-Video, and even RF. These options were fine for 2000, but they don't work very well with modern HDTVs. Adding an HDMI port allows the PS2 to output video directly to a modern HDTV or computer monitor.

Things you'll need

Here's a list of items that you'll need for adding an HDMI port to your PS2 fat.

You may want to research other component to HDMI converters. The model I bought is cheap, and works, but you might want something better. Cheap converters can add additional latency, and not make a perfect conversion. I didn't personally notice any additional latency, or color problems with the model I bought, but your mileage may vary. [Read More]

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July 10, 2017
SCPH-39001 PS2 fan upgrade

While my PS2 fat console isn't even close to as loud as my PS3 fat, the fan inside still makes enough noise to be annoying in game. This post covers the process of upgrading the fan inside of my PS2 fat to a standard 60mm computer fan.

Things you'll need

Here's a short list of things you'll need to upgrade your PS2's fan.

PS2 fat stock cooling system overview

The PS2 fat has a pretty simple cooling system design. There is a single slim 60mm fan in the back that sucks air in from the vents on the front. The air goes through the power supply and heatsink fins, and out the back of the system. The fan does a pretty good job of keeping the console cool. My PS2 does get warm, but I haven't ever had it overheat. [Read More]

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June 30, 2017
SCPH-39001 PS2 Modbo 5.0 modchip installation (V7 NTSC board)

Earlier this month I installed a Modbo 4.0 modchip into my SCPH-70012 PS2 slim console. Since I also own an SCPH-39001 PS2 fat, I decided to install a modchip into it. Modchips for the PlayStation 2 you to get more out of your PS2. Things like playing games from other regions, playing PS1 and PS2 backups, and running homebrew applications. This blog post covers the installation of the Modbo 5.0 modchip into my SCPH-39001 PS2 fat console.

Update: I put together a Modbo modchip installation guide that covers all board revisions. You can find that guide here.

Things you'll need

  • An SCPH-39001 PS2 fat console
  • Tools to take apart the PS2
  • A Modbo 4.0 or Modbo 5.0 modchip. They are pin compatible, I bought my chip from Eurasia.
  • 30 AWG kynar insulated wire wrapping wire
  • A soldering iron and solder

Both the Modbo 4.0 and Modbo 5.0 modchips are good modchips. The Modbo 5.0 chip allows booting homebrew directly off of a USB flash drive, which is less important for a PS2 fat, because of the hard drive bay, but still a nice feature. [Read More]

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June 7, 2017
SCPH-39001 PS2 project introduction

Sony's PlayStation 2 is the best selling video game console of all time. By selling over 155 million systems Sony dominated the sixth generation of consoles. For comparison Microsoft only sold 24 million original Xbox consoles. At $299.99 the PS2 wasn't the cheapest console of its generation, but being priced less than most DVD players helped people justify the higher price. Both the Dreamcast and the GameCube cost $199.99, but didn't support DVD playback. This is the start to a series of posts covering the fat SCPH-39001 PS2 project. [Read More]

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