September update 2017

Last month I wrote an update for August 2017 where I summarized the posts I wrote in July, and listed some possible posts that could be published in August. This is a similar post, but for September 2017. I’ll talk about my plans for the month.

August post summary

Last month I wrote four posts, not including the update post. Topics included modchip installation on another PlayStation 1, and a more detailed guide on how to install custom firmware onto a PS3 slim using a Teensy. I also wrote my first electronics posts covering a DIY bench power supply, and how to make PCB schematics.

  1. CECH-2001A PS3 slim custom firmware installation with Teensy
    • A PS3 running custom firmware can do all sorts of cool things. You can play games and movies from any region, play game backups from the hard drive, play emulators, and more. This post covers the process of installing custom firmware using a Teensy 2.0++.
  2. DIY variable bench power supply with DPS5005 and LRS-150-48
    • This is a guide on how to make a simple, but powerful, bench power supply. I use off the shelf components including two LRS-150-48 48V AC to DC power supplies, and two DPS5005 power supply front ends.
  3. SCPH-7501 PlayStation 1 MM3 modchip installation (PU-22 NTSC board)
    • This post is a guide on how to install a MM3 modchip inside of an original SCPH-7501 PlayStation 1. The modchip allows playing games from any region, as well as playing game backups.
  4. How to make a PCB, part 1: making the schematic for Particle Photon RFM69 board
    • This post is the beginning of a series on how to make a PCB. The series will focus on the creation of the Particle Photon RFM69HCW radio breakout I use for my weather station. This post in particular covers how to create a schematic using gEDA.

September post plans

It’s looking like the classes I am taking this semester will be a lot more time consuming than last semester. Because of that I’m planning to reduce the number of posts for at least the next few months. I haven’t decided on a specific number, but I’m guessing it will be one or two posts per month.

Here’s a list of some possible topics I have in the backlog of completed projects I need to cover:

  • Teardown guides:
    • GameCube
    • PS3 slim
    • Xbox 360 S
    • Xbox 360 controller
    • Dreamcast controller
    • Dreamcast
    • PS1
  • Failed mods and repair related projects:
    • Failed original Xbox RAM upgrade
    • Xbox 360 RRoD repair
    • Fixing a broken PS1 disc spindle hub
  • Other console mods:
    • Dreamcast internal VGA port
    • Building a PSP battery using a new battery cell
    • X360Key Xbox 360 ODE review
  • Weather station:
    • Powering with solar power
    • PCB design series
    • Weather station hardware design and software related posts

September summary

Since I’ll only be doing a maximum of a couple posts a month I won’t be publishing these updates every month. Instead I’ll be posting them the month after every fourth post is published.

When the next update is published I’ll close the comments to this one and link to the latest post. If any of the topics I mentioned above interest you please leave a comment. I’ll prioritize posts based on what people are interested in.

I’m also still working on setting up a newsletter. I will be using MailChimp, but I still haven’t decided if I’d like to do a monthly newsletter update, a newsletter per post, both, or something else.

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February 7, 2018 1:39 PM

I’d like to see a post about fixing a broken PS1 disc spindle hub. Almost every PS1 I come across now has a broken spindle. I’ve fixed a few but it’s a real pain and I almost always break at least 1 good spindle in the process. Getting the spindle at the right height for the PS1 to actually read discs seems to be the hardest part (at least for me).