NB Miata project – Performance modifications after six months

In my last post I covered my experiences looking for and purchasing my current project car, an NB Miata. I also covered preventative maintenance work to get the car up to a known reliable state so that I could move forward with other mods and really enjoying the car.

This post covers NB Miata performance mods that I have done to my car during the first six months of ownership. I explain what I did, why I did it, and what my experiences were with various different mods.

Full exhaust system

When I first got my Miata it had an engine code related to the post-cat O2 sensor. My car was originally a California car so it originally had two cat system. A pre-cat built into the exhaust manifold downpipe, and a secondary cat downstream from there. O2 sensors are placed before and after the pre-cat. The secondary O2 sensor is just for emissions, so it didn’t impact the use of the car. I still wanted to fix it, but wasn’t in a rush. [Read More]

NB Miata project – Purchasing a Mazda Miata

My last post covered my experiences with my first project car, a 1987 Honda Accord. At that end of that post I mentioned that I purchased a NB Miata to replace it. Today marks six months since purchasing my Miata so I thought I’d start a series covering my experiences owning it.

This is an introductory post where I cover what a Miata is, why I chose it, the original condition, and how I prepared the car for what was to come. I have several other posts that I’ll be publishing in the near future covering the first six months of ownership. [Read More]

Ten months with a 3rd Generation Honda Accord

I have a lot of work in progress posts for video game console modding topics, but I thought I’d go ahead and share an unrelated project I worked on last year. Expecially considering that my last post was nearly a year ago (I’m still alive, and the store section on this website is still active). That project is a 3rd generation Honda Accord, a 1987 model year car in particular.

The search for a project car

I have always been interested in cars and spent a lot of time when I was younger playing car racing video games. A project car to tinker on was on my mind, but it wasn’t until I moved out on my own in 2019 that I even really had the opportunity to purchase a project car of my own. I already had a reliable daily driver that didn’t need tinkering, and also didn’t have the garage space living with my parents. [Read More]