August update 2019

It has been a while since I last made a blog post (it’s quickly approaching a year). I’ve primarily been improving the PS1 and PS2 modchip guides. I have also been keeping up with my eBay store and the store on this website. In this August 2019 update I’m writing about what my plans are for this blog in the coming months.

Guide update

I have been working on comprehensive guides for PS1 and PS2 modchips. They are to help others get information about chips, and how to install them. It makes more sense to put installation instructions into more static pages instead of chronological blog posts.

PlayStation 1 guide:

  1. MM3 guide
  2. Mayumi v4 guide
  3. ONEchip guide
  4. PsNee guide
  5. Other chips

Going forward I will be continuing to fill out the pages for other PS1 modchips. I will also be taking pictures and making my own diagrams for all of the more common chips to replace the older diagrams that are on most of the guides. The main goal with having my own diagrams is to show all of the possible points you can use for soldering to allow for cleaner installations, and backup points in case someone makes a mistake.

PlayStation 2 guide:

  1. Modbo guide

My PS2 guide is in a pretty good place now. I’d like to get sample installations for each board revision, and maybe further down the road make my own installation diagrams.

Store update

I have been continuing to run my eBay store, but have also launched a Shopify store on this website. By having my own Shopify store I am becoming less reliant on eBay, and allowing customers to get a better deal if they find the product on my website.

Going forward I’ll be continuing to sell more and more products on my website store. It takes some effort to set up the products, pricing, and pages. I may also get into more actively working with more consoles and more mods.

Future blog plans

I’m planning on getting some more blog posts published this year. Part of that will be diversifying what I’m writing about to incorporate some of my other interests like computers and cars.

One new series I’m planning on starting is going to cover building Windows (and later MS-DOS) gaming computers using period correct hardware. I’ll be starting with Windows 7 and going back in time, the first post will likely be published later this month.

Another series will be similar, but will be covering desktop Apple computers. They will cover hardware upgrades, and technical information about the hardware and software. These posts will start with the PowerMac G5 and go back in time, the first post will be published after the Windows 7 gaming PC post, but I don’t have any more specifics.

Another series will be more related to console gaming. I have a decent collection of video game development hardware for previous generation PlayStation and Xbox consoles. For Sony things like the PlayStation 1 ISA development tool cards, PlayStation 2 development tool tower, and 2U PlayStation 3 development tool. For Microsoft I’m putting together DIY clones of an original Xbox Alpha development kit, and an Xbox 360 Xenon Alpha development kit. Again these will come after the Windows 7 post, but I don’t have specifics.

Another series may cover things like adding a hardwired dashcam to my car, and maintenance guides specific to my car. These will likely come next year.

Of course I still have lots of other video game consoles mods I’d like to cover as well.


I haven’t posted a blog post in nearly a year. I’ve been busy with the guides and store on this website. I plan on getting back into writing blog posts more regularly going forward.

If you have any questions or suggestions please leave them in the comments below.