March 5, 2017

Revision 1.3 original Xbox project introduction

Microsoft's original Xbox was ahead of its time. With built in Internet connectivity, a computer based architecture, and a built in hard drive, the original Xbox is surprisingly similar to current consoles, like the Xbox One. Microsoft put some serious hardware into their first console, allowing it to have some of the best graphics of the generation. Some games could even output at 720p and 1080i. This is the start to a series of posts describing my revision 1.3 original Xbox project.

I recently bought an original Xbox for $40, less than 14% of the cost of a the brand new system in 2001. My system is a revision 1.3 original Xbox, which is one of the more common revisions out there. There's a chance that it's a 1.2 console, because it has a Western Digital hard drive that was found on revision 1.2 systems. Because it has Samsung DVD drive that was found on revision 1.3 systems, and the serial number matches revision 1.3, and because more revision 1.3 systems were manufactured, it's more likely to be a revision 1.3 system.

The original Xbox had a really great modding community. I'm going to mod my original Xbox to both run cooler while being quieter. I will also be modding my Xbox to be a more modern console, by adding support for things like HDMI, and wireless controllers.


Here’s a short list of topics, in no particular order, that I’m planning to cover:

  • Console teardown and reassembly.
  • Console cleaning.
  • Thermal paste reapplication.
  • Fan replacement.
  • Softmodding using the game save exploit.
  • Hardmodding through TSOP flashing.
  • SATA hard drive upgrade.
  • Adding an HDMI port.
  • Turning on and off the console from the controller.
  • Making the controllers wireless.
  • Adding support for wireless Internet.
  • Backing up my games and playing them from the hard drive.
  • Powering the console using an external PC power supply.
  • Mounting in a computer case.
  • Water cooling.

For an up to date listing of topics that I have covered, see my projects page.