SCPH-101 PSone teardown guide

In my last post I covered taking apart a PS2 slim. This post is a similar guide, but for Sony’s first slim console, the PSone. My goal is to have a SCPH-101 PSone teardown guide that’s more complete than the others available online.

I had already taken apart this PSone several times before taking these pictures, so yours may look slightly different. In particular, my PSone has a modchip installed which you can see in some of the pictures. I wrote another post on how I installed the modchip. [Read More]

SCPH-70012 PS2 slim teardown guide

PS2 slim

I haven’t posted a console teardown guide on this blog yet, mostly because they are difficult to make. I recently took apart my PS2 slim for the first time, and took pictures along the way to create this guide. My goal is to have a PS2 slim teardown guide that’s more complete than the others available online.

This was the first time I had ever taken apart a PS2 slim, and I hadn’t looked up any guides online. I found the process of taking apart the system to be very easy, this guide should help you better put back together the system by following these steps in reverse. [Read More]

Xbox One controller bumper repair, button switch replacement

Xbox One controller

The Xbox One controller is one of my favorite controller designs. It took the comfortable Xbox 360 controller, which was based on the original Xbox controller S, and improved it. Two big changes were the more precise d-pad, and the support for being used with a computer using a standard USB cable.

An Xbox One controller I had bought in 2015┬ástarted having problems recently. The left bumper button wouldn’t always register presses. It always made the click sound, but wouldn’t always be recognized as a press in games. Obviously this is very annoying when switching tabs in the Xbox dashboard, and when playing games that require the frequent use of the left bumper. [Read More]

1540 Xbox One project introduction

Xbox One

All of the video game consoles I have covered on this blog so far have been older systems. Today that changes, since I’m beginning a series of posts covering the Xbox One revision 1540 console that I purchased last October.

After the success of the Xbox 360 Microsoft was optimistic going into the launch of the Xbox One. They ended up making a lot of bad decisions that allowed the PlayStation 4 to outsell the Xbox One. At $499 the Xbox One was expensive. The focus was on it being an all in one media device, which people didn’t want. This of course mirrors the launch of the PlayStation 3 which focused a lot on media instead of games, and cost a lot more than the Xbox 360. [Read More]