SNES Jr. (SNS-101) RGB SCART video output using THS7374 amp

I recently bought an Open Source Scan Converter, or OSSC, primarily to make PlayStation 1 games look better on my display. After seeing how well RGB looked on the PS1, I had to try it on other consoles.

I ended up buying an SNES Jr. (SNS-101) for the improved visual quality from the 1-CHIP board design. The biggest downside of the original SNES Mini is that it doesn’t output RGB SCART out of the box, so I installed an THS7374 based amplifier, which is what this guide covers.

What is RGB video?

In the United States most older video game consoles used either RF or composite video (coaxial cable like what you get cable TV out of, or the yellow/red/white cables) to output video onto a TV. These video output options are passable on a CRT television, but on a digital HDTV it can look quite bad. [Read More]