V4 Modbo modchip installation diagram

One of the revisions of the fat PlayStation 2 was the V4. They were found in many of the earliest SCPH-3000x systems, as well as the SCPH-3500x systems. Matching console model numbers and board numbers are listed below.

You can find the model number on the sticker on the bottom of the console, and the board number is printed on the PS2 main board if you take apart your console. Note that there can be multiple board numbers within a specific model number.

  • NTSC-J (Japan):
    • SCPH-30000 (GH-010)
    • SCPH-35000 (GH-010)
  • NTSC-U/C (United States)
    • SCPH-30001 (GH-010)
    • SCPH-35001 (GH-010)
  • PAL
    • SCPH-30002 (GH-010)
    • SCPH-30003 (GH-010)
    • SCPH-30004 (GH-010)
    • SCPH-35002 (GH-010)
    • SCPH-35003 (GH-010)
    • SCPH-35004 (GH-010)
    • SCPH-35005 (GH-010)

Note that there are multiple versions of the Modbo modchips available, but the installation diagrams are all the same. Some example versions are Modbo 3.0, Modbo 4.0, Modbo 5.0, and Modbo 750.

For more information about Modbo modchips click here, for more information about PS2 modchips in general click here.

V4 Modbo installation diagram

Modbo modchip pinout

Some V4 consoles have a gap in the middle of the pins of the BIOS chip (near pins Q, T, U, V, R, O, P, N, and M). For those systems use this diagram:

V4 Modbo installation diagram (gap)

Some V4 consoles don’t have a gap in the middle of the pins of the BIOS chip (near pins Q, T, U, V, R, P, O, N, and M). For those systems use this diagram:

V4 Modbo installation diagram (no gap)

Installation tips

Here are some tips I have for you when you are soldering your chip into a V4.

  • Using 30 AWG solid core wire works well for most of the points.
  • Use some thicker wire for the 5V and ground wires.

Diagram success rate

Here’s a list of people who have successfully modded their console with this diagram. Leave a comment and I’ll add you to the list.

  1. William Quade (me)
  2. LAC

Example installations

This section has photos of some successful installations which you can use to get a better understanding of how everything is wired and positioned. Leave a comment and I’ll add your installation to the list

  1. William Quade (me)

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May 4, 2019 6:58 AM


Here is my install on a Fat PS2 SCPH-30001 (GH-010)


Used stranded 30 AWG because I dont like using kynar wire (had to use it for 1 connection).

No glue on any of the wires but I feel like it came out ok.

Thanks for the well formatted website, very helpful.

April 16, 2019 11:18 AM

Hello, you can add me (LAC) to the list. It’s working, thank you.

December 3, 2019 8:44 AM

I successfully installed the modbo v5.0 on a SCPH-30000 (GH-010) too, thanks a lot for your help 😀

Obiwan Kenobi
Obiwan Kenobi
March 22, 2020 4:32 PM

Hi guys,

Hope all is safe and sound. I’m ready to attack this install (on SCPH-30001 US) to ease my mind off from whatever happens in the world now with the novel COVID-19!
Quick question: What’s with the ALT pics from the bottom on diagram instruction sheet? (ALTernate? Are they neccessary?)

Thank you!


April 18, 2020 10:28 AM

Hi! My son’s ps2 fat is a UK version, model SCPH-30003 (GH-014) which isn’t listed and I can’t seem to find any info online ? Any info would be greatly appreciated.

Matt V
Matt V
April 22, 2020 8:15 PM

Whelp.. I really suck at this. Someone want a fun try to un f**ck it project?

May 20, 2020 4:33 PM

Hello, I have a SCPH-30001 with serial starting U3, which I believe makes it a V4; I haven’t used it in years, instead I’ve used a slim PS2 with a Matrix I’ve had for over 10 years.

Is it indeed possible to mod this with a MODBO? If so, once your service opens up again, I may just sign up.

May 26, 2020 5:27 PM


i’ve installed a modbo 5.0 on a gh-013 (v4)mainboard whitout the “H” pin (ps2 pal) it right? but it doesn’t work!

can someone help me please?

With original cd is still working

May 27, 2020 5:33 AM
Reply to  William Quade

ok i’l do but why in the diagram is it only for ntsc consoles?

May 27, 2020 5:36 AM
Reply to  William Quade

Ok thank you

Ken Ballast
Ken Ballast
June 20, 2020 5:34 AM

Hi. Is there an alternative solder point for “point Q”? I have the no gap version of v4 motherboard. I messes up the litter copper square where Point Q must be soldered. Hope you can help me.

July 1, 2020 8:58 AM

Is it possible to install the modbo 4.0 chip on the ps2 slim scph 90002, or should I look for another chip.

September 7, 2020 11:38 PM

Hi, can you make a zoom in the point cx in your photo? Thaks!

Tom C
Tom C
October 2, 2020 11:09 PM

I just finished my install on the V4 board. Currently however when I boot the PS2 on the TV screen it just shows the Matrix logo and doesn’t go any further. I do hear the CD drive make a couple of very quick chirps like it’s trying to do something. I tried to hold down the triangle and Circle to get into the menu, but nada, still sits on the logo screen. Any ideas?

Mike Black
Mike Black
October 21, 2020 4:40 PM

Hello. I just today installed my MODBO 5.0 chip. The problem I’m having is, when I boot up my PS2 (SCPH-35001) There is a terrible distorted audio problem. It sounds like someone shoved my speakers into a blender. I tore it back down and inspected my solder points. I didn’t have any bridged leads, however, I DID have a few unstable joints. I re-soldered those until I felt good about them. Plugged my PS2 back up and still have the same issue. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank You