V15 Modbo modchip installation diagram

One of the revisions of the slim PlayStation 2 was the V15. They were found in SCPH-7700x models available worldwide. Matching console model numbers and board numbers are listed below.

You can find the model number on the sticker on the bottom of the console, and the board number is printed on the PS2 main board if you take apart your console. Note that there can be multiple board numbers within a specific model number.

  • NTSC-J (Japan):
    • SCPH-77000 (GH-052-12)
  • NTSC-U/C (USA)
    • SCPH-77001 CB (GH-051-02, GH-051-51)
  • PAL
    • SCPH-77002 (GH-051-02)

Note that there are multiple versions of the Modbo modchips available, but the installation diagrams are all the same. Some example versions are Modbo 3.0, Modbo 4.0, Modbo 5.0, and Modbo 750.

For more information about Modbo modchips click here, for more information about PS2 modchips in general click here.

V15 Modbo installation diagram

Modbo modchip pinout

V15 Modbo installation diagram

Installation tips

Here are some tips I have for you when you are soldering your chip into a V15.

  • Using 30 AWG solid core wire works well for most of the points.
  • Use some thicker wire for the 5V and ground wires.
  • Make sure wherever you are putting your chip won’t cause any issues when putting the system back together, PS2 slims fit together very tightly.

Diagram success rate

Here’s a list of people who have successfully modded their console with this diagram. Leave a comment and I’ll add you to the list.

  1. William Quade (me)

Example installations

This section has photos of some successful installations which you can use to get a better understanding of how everything is wired and positioned. Leave a comment and I’ll add your installation to the list

  1. William Quade (me)

V15 Modbo example installation

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James Patterson
James Patterson

I’ve installed Modbo 5 using these installation instructions on a PAL SCPH-77003 (GH-051-32). Confirmed as working! Thanks


Successful install using these instructions on a silver NTSC/U GH-51-01. Important note: My unit has thick lacquer on the circuit board that couldn’t be removed from the vias with a fiberglass scratch brush without ALSO removing lacquer from nearby ground flood adjacent traces. In order to expose these vias so they could be properly soldered to I needed to carefully scrape them with the tip of a thin needle file. A fine hobby knife could also do the trick–just be careful.