Mayumi v1.1 modchip installation guide

The Mayumi v1.1 was a modchip that was recommended for the PU-7 and PU-8 boards. It should work with newer boards, but it wasn't recommended. The code runs on PIC12C50x chips.

This chip has several modes that can be changed by pressing reset for three seconds or more. It defaults to having the modchip enabled. An LED can be hooked up to the chip to indicate which mode is active.

Mode toggle flow:

  1. Mayumi v1 mode enabled (default) (supports many anti-modchip games, possibly all on the PU-7)
  2. Modchip disabled
  3. Old modchip mode

The chip fuses need to be set as: WDT_OFF, INT_RC, and MCLR_OFF.

Hex code:

  • Coming soon.

PU-7 board diagram

PU-7 Mayumi v1 diagram

PU-8 board diagram

PU-8 Mayumi v1 diagram

PU-18 board diagram

PU-18 Mayumi v1 diagram

PU-20 board diagram

PU-20 Mayumi v1 diagram

PU-22 board diagram

PU-22 Mayumi v1 diagram

PU-23 board diagram

PU-23 Mayumi v1 diagram