NB Miata

I purchased a completely stock base model silver 2000 Mazda Miata (NB1) in March of 2021. When I purchased the car I didn’t really have any specific plans, I really just wanted a fun car I could work on and enjoy.

That all changed in September of 2021 when I attended both my first track day and my first autocross event ever. Having no performance driving experience meant I was very slow, but I had a ton of fun, and more importantly knew what I wanted to do with my car.

This page is a build log for my NB Miata.

Current setup



  • Current
    • Rebuilt BP4W block (DIY rebuild, no machine shop)
      • Non-OEM cast VVT 10.0:1 pistons
      • OEM rings
      • Eagle rods
      • ARP main studs
      • ARP head studs
      • ACL race bearings
    • Rebuilt BP6D head (rebuilt to OEM specs by a machine shop)
      • Original valves (but had a valve job done)
      • New springs
      • New seals
    • Boundary Engineering VVT oil pump (shimmed to 72 psi)
    • JPM / Mazdaspeed oil pan baffle plate
    • BP6D oil pan with BP6D MBSP
    • Fluidamper harmonic balancer
    • Flyin’ Miata 36-2 tooth crank trigger wheel
    • Audi R8 coil on plugs, wired for sequential spark
    • Innovative Engine mounts with 85A poly bushings
  • Previous (now a spare motor)
    • Original stock unopened BP4W motor and head
    • Volvo B18/B20 valve springs
    • Exhintake cam swap
    • Boundary Engineering oil pump (no additional shims)
    • JPM / Mazdaspeed oil pan baffle plate
    • Fluidamper harmonic balancer
    • Flyin’ Miata 36-2 tooth crank trigger wheel
    • Audi R8 coil on plugs, wired for sequential spark
    • Innovative Engine mounts with 85A poly bushings


  • Squaretop intake manifold
  • Autoexe ram air intake
  • Skunk2 throttle body


  • Raceland headers
  • Racing Beat race midpipe
  • Racing Beat Power Pulse muffler


  • FlowForce 725cc injectors
  • Walbro 190 lph fuel pump
  • GM Flex Fuel sensor

Transmission & differential

  • NB2 6-speed transmission, previously ran the original stock NB1 5-speed
  • Miataroadster tall angled shifter
  • Stock 4.3 ratio Torsen Type II differential
  • Prothane poly differential mounts
  • Supermiata lightweight flywheel
  • Supermiata Sport 4 puck clutch


  • Hawley coolant reroute
  • Koyorad radiator


  • Xida Race coilovers
    • Single adjustable
    • Stock style NB top hats
    • Dual springs
    • 800 in-lb front spring rate
    • 500 in-lb rear spring rate
  • A1 Ground Control Nylatron control arm bushings
  • Paco Motorsports rear upper adjustable control arms
  • Bauer offset front lower ball joints
  • Brofab Toyota rear hubs
  • Sway bars
    • Racing Beat 54106 1.250×0.188 tubular front sway bar
    • Supermiata rear sway bar
    • AWR heavy duty reinforced front sway bar brackets
    • Flyin’ Miata adjustable sway bar endlinks
  • Steering
    • Advanced Autosports depowered power steering rack
    • Prothane poly steering rack bushings


  • Supermiata Wilwood Dynalite 11″ front brake kit
    • ND Brembo rotors
    • GLoc brake pads
      • R12 pads for track and autocross
      • I have some leftover R10 pads
      • GS-1 pads on the street
  • V8 Roadsters Wilwood Powerlite rear brake kit
    • NB Sport rotors
    • GLoc brake pads
      • R10 pads for track and autocross
      • GS-1 pads on the street
    • Parking brake option
  • Wilwood brake proportioning valve
  • Supermiata Wilwood 1″ master cylinder
  • Brake pressure sensor for data logging


  • OEM hardtop
  • Nine Lives Racing air dam
  • Nine Lives Racing 64″ wing with their mounts
  • Nine Lives Racing CFD v2 endplates
  • Front splitter
    • Loosely based on the Nine Lives Racing splitter
    • 1/2″ plywood, rounded front, with a deeper round on the bottom side
    • Extends ~3″ from air dam
    • Nine Lives Racing Sturdy Boii mounts
    • 2×2″ side support
    • Wire supports behind air dam



  • AMP EFI MS3Pro Evo ECU
    • Wired partially into a detachable stock ECU connector
    • Wired partially to separate harnesses for additional sensors
  • CANchecked mulfi-function gauge in place of oil pressure gauge
  • Additional sensors
    • AEM Wideband sensor with gauge
    • Coolant temperature sensor
    • Coolant pressure sensor
    • Oil temperature sensor
    • Oil pressure sensor
  • AIM Solo 2 DL
  • AIM SmartyCam 3 Sport
  • Garmin Catalyst